Revitalise in nature



Ebb and Flow



Being present

Vitality Retreats 1770

Melissa, the founder and creator of Vitality Retreats 1770, facilitates uniquely revitalising Yoga and Well-being Retreats. There is an essence of calm, joyful, vibrant energy that flows through the foundation of all the Vitality retreats, an energy that invites and inspires positive change.

Honour Your Body, Nurture Your Soul, Connecting to Spirit & Revitalising You!

Immerse yourself in a space of well-being, sharing, rejoicing and being surrounded by the beautiful beach, bush and nature of Agnes Water, 1770 and Deepwater National Park. "I loved every single moment of my first retreat. It provided expertise and serenity in its various yoga activities, interesting and diverse workshops and wonderful healthy food, all in a superb location and luxurious facilities.

 I arrived at the retreat totally stressed out and I returned home rejuvenated and “floating” in bliss.

Thank you for creating such an amazing experience." Lesleigh

This amazing experience will be shared with other like-minded Souls, along with guest facilitators who are passionate about supporting others to flourish and thrive. The retreat schedules are designed with you in mind and they allow you space to have some personal time out. Maybe you will go to the beach, go for a bush walk, have a massage or possibly a life-coaching session; whatever your Soul desires.

You will be nourished with fresh foods, healthful conversations, interesting explorations, celebrations and renewed insights.

Melissa is offering half day workshops, one day retreats, full weekend retreats and in the near future one week recharge retreats.